Why use eWood?

Deciding on what material to use in your garden should not be easy! 
Why? Because there are so many choices.

ewood raised garden bedsInformation on each choice can be hard to find.
Building a Raised garden bed for example raises some important questions of health. With treated timbers you must be sure those chemicals are not leaching to your soil and therefore into your food. Gardens are a place for kids and pets also so you don't want sharp edges and materials that can cause harm in and around your garden.

Aesthetically we want a product that is bold and strong in our gardens but not something that is overpowering as far as colour or shape is concerned. Neutral is good in a garden and is more likely to combine well with your existing colours of walls, eaves, doors and roof.

Budget is of course a real determining factor and along with value for money we demand something that is affordable yet long lasting. Unlike many other purchases when it comes to your garden you have to invest in something that is robust enough to last, especially in our harsh Australian environment.

An increasing number of us are also environmentally aware. Using a product that respects the earth is nice but not always practical. If you can then you will, if you cant then you can't right?

So, all that brings me to eWood.

It does seem to be the perfect product. The manufacturing of eWood uses products that would otherwise be filling up holes in the ground. It's tough, it's Australian and it looks natural enough to be at home in the garden. It doesn't splinter, it doesn't rot, it doesn't harbor insects or termites. It is UV stabilised, it is strong and it lasts a very, very long time.

eWood is also great to work with. Same set of tools as you need for wood but without the frailty and splintering. You can paint eWood any colour you like you can glue it too.

So all this sounds great and it ticks all the environmental boxes. What about cost? It sits nicely in between softwood and hardwood. On paper its better than hardwood but I understand if one wants a beautiful polished grain finish.

So thats why I chose eWood, it looked right, it was strong and it was Environmentally perfect for my raised garden beds.


September 28, 2012 by Colin Barker
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