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    eWood Gardening Blog — raised garden beds

    Irrigatia Irrigation

    On first look I could see it was a solar powered pump, which is what we were looking for, but on further investigation I came across a concept that we will certainly look at integrating into the eWood Raised Garden Bed Kits.

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    Why use eWood?

    Deciding on what material to use in your garden should not be easy! 
    Why? Because there are so many choices.

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    eWood New Inventors Winner

    When eWood was first created we were awarded the judges and people choice awards for it's episode of new inventors. 

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    Plant spacing guide for vegetables in a square foot garden

    List of veggies and herbs and the ideal plant spacing

    Once you have had your square foot garden for a while you will learn what sizes plants grow too, then you will be able to plant just about anything and know what spacing to use dependant on their final size. 

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