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    eWood Gardening Blog — square foot gardening

    Square Foot Gardening in Australia

    Been looking to start your own square foot garden? It's a great concept that is extremely popular in the US. 
    Apart from the fact that the whole system is based on imperial measurements, it's really easy to do and work with. 

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    Raised Garden Bed Kits

    The decision to go for 1.2m square rather than 1m is in recognition of the growing following for the square foot gardening principles. 1.2m is basically 4 feet, which is the recommended size to create a 4 foot square garden. This space is then divided into 16 x 1ft squares. It's a great gardening system and if you are not familiar with it I recommend having a look at the creators website http://www.squarefootgardening.com.

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    Plant spacing guide for vegetables in a square foot garden

    List of veggies and herbs and the ideal plant spacing

    Once you have had your square foot garden for a while you will learn what sizes plants grow too, then you will be able to plant just about anything and know what spacing to use dependant on their final size. 

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