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    eWood Gardening Blog

    eWood & Retain-iT Post System

    Doing your own Retaining Walls or Building your own Raised Garden Beds can seem a bit daunting. As with many DIY projects though having the right tools makes these jobs a piece of cake. 

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    Long Life Raised Garden Beds

    eWood® Raised Garden beds are guaranteed for 10 years. Not only are they guaranteed to not fail structurally for a minimum of 10 years if used according to our installation guidelines but also that they remain inert, and therefore will not cause contamination to soil or crop for 10 years from date of purchase.

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    Garden Bed Kits

    Selecting a raised garden bed kit that is easy to assemble is a must for many of us that don't possess the skill or tools to build our own. If you do, then you may well be interested in the eWood DIY Planks.

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    Vegetable Garden Beds

    When it comes to what style of garden bed you select for your garden one must consider many factors. A Veggie Garden bed grows your food, that you eat, therefore you must pay attention to what you put on and around your vegetable garden bed. 

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    eWood Raised Garden Bed Kit - The New Garden

    First part in my short story on installing my new eWood Garden Beds.
    I have two 1.2m x 1.2m x 40cm high garden beds arriving soon and will complete this article with information on setup and also some video. 

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