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    Retain-it Retaining Post System converts 50mm eWood DIY Planks into easy to build retaining walls. No screws, no nails, no drilling, no fixing. Retain-iT is available in 3 styles; Joiner, Corner & End Posts. Each Style is available in 3 heights; 450mm, 750mm & 1100mm.

    Retain-iT Joiner Posts Retain-iT Corner Posts Retain-iT End Posts
    JOINS ewood in straight lines.
    Available for: 
    200mm high DIY Plank = 450mm
    400mm high DIY Plank = 750mm
    600mm high DIY Plank = 1100mm
    For a perfect 90° CORNER
    Available for: 
    200mm high DIY Plank = 450mm
    400mm high DIY Plank = 750mm
    600mm high DIY Plank = 1100mm
    A neat finish for the END of a wall.
    Available for: 
    200mm high DIY Plank = 450mm
    400mm high DIY Plank = 750mm
    600mm high DIY Plank = 1100mm

    Retain-iT & eWood - The perfect combination.

    Retain-iT is a post system that provides a perfect fit for eWood 50mm x 200mm DIY Planks. They can be dropped in and made immediately secure with no packing, screwing, drilling or fastening required.
    Deep 40mm recesses provide just the right fit and allow for future shrinkage/expansion and movement.
    A recessed, curved edge improves safety, providing a visually appealing, slim-line look.
    As functional as it is beautiful, the Retain iT system has the strength and long-life of high tensile, galvanised steel and is flexible enough to cater to single, double and triple eWood plank heights.


    How to use Retain-iT with eWood 50mm DIY Sleepers

    eWood and Retain-iT are super easy to use together. No need for packing, screwing, drilling or fastening.
    eWood DIY Planks simply "drop-in" to the "U-Shaped" Retain-iT section.
    Each Retain-iT product is made to suit a 200mm, 400mm & 600mm high wall.
    Simply select the appropriate Retain-iT product and height:
    200mm high DIY Plank = 450mm
    400mm high DIY Plank = 750mm
    600mm high DIY Plank = 1100mm
    It is recommended that the same length of Retain-iT is below the ground as it is above the ground.
    Retain-iT posts are fixed into place using a concrete filled hole:
    Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to install.

    Putting it all together:

    A typical project may be a 2.4m x 1.2m Raised Garden Bed that is 600mm high.

    To complete this project you will need:
    4 x Retain-iT Corner Posts (1100mm)
    2 x Retain-iT Joiner Posts (1100mm)
    As this project is 600mm high ( 3 stacked ewood planks) we would recommended to cut the 2.4m lengths of eWood into 2 x 1.2m lengths and use the Retain-iT joiner in the middle of each side for added stability.

    Quick Video

    Watch this video to see how eWood and Retain-iT work together to create this garden project.