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    How to assemble your eWood® Raised Garden Bed Kit

    Note: We now supply the screws locates in the pre-drilled holes. They need to be removed before assembly.

    Your ewood garden kit will include pre-assembled sections, as shown above.

    Simply create two separate corner sections - All pre-drilled holes are aligned for easy assembly.



    A Phillips Head (Size No.3) is best used in a cordless drill.


    2.4m x 1.2m Raised Garden Beds

    These larger eWood Raised Garden Beds include a "joiner kit". These pieces are pre-drilled and join the two 1.2m lengths to make 2.4m lengths.

    Buy 2.4m x 1.2m Raised Garden Beds



    All sounds way too easy?

    How about making your own Raised Garden Beds using 50mm DIY Planks and Retain-iT Post system?


    Stacking your eWood Raised Garden Beds

    Preparing the ground for you eWood® raised Garden bed.

    Buying eWood Raised Garden Bed Kits