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    “If it’s greener it’s good. But if it is simply a better product that will make your life easier, it’s an obvious choice and that’s eWood®.”

    100% australian.  95% recycled. 100% recyclable.
    The core product of eWood Solutions (eWS) is eWood ®, a unique plastic wood made from mixed plastics from a spectrum of waste including computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment and car parts. 
    Unlike any other product in Australia, eWS patented process allows for this wide range of plastics to be used together, making it the perfect recipe for reducing our (and your) carbon footprint.
    Because of this unique process ability, eWS selects waste to produce eWood® that no other supplier of plastic timber replacement products can use. This way, eWS is guaranteeing to recycle waste that has no home other than landfill. eWood ® can be used to replace timber, concrete, steel, brick, fibreglass and other virgin plastics in many applications. It can be made to any dimension and assembles with ease.
    It's benefits aren’t just environmental. eWood® is resistant to rot, insect damage, UV and moisture, and therefore has a long life with low maintenance. Perfect for your backyard. Use eWood®, and not only will you be doing the right thing by the environment, you’ll be  reaping the rewards of a long-lasting, low-maintenance, good-looking product.
    eWood  Solutions reuses the plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

    Making a difference makes sense 
    eWood Solutions has a core focus on a sustainable system we call ‘closing the plastics loop’. 
    ‘Closing the plastics loop’ is all about minimising the environmental footprint of government, industry and individuals through processing waste, that would otherwise end up in landfill, into a functional and sustainable product which is made from 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable.
    eWood Solutions ‘closing the plastics loop’ program is an opportunity to find a home for your waste and create a valuable product. You may be wondering where all those ink cartridges, televisions and computer parts end up? eWood® is a direct result of waste such as this, and most importantly, diverts it from landfill. Choosing eWood® automatically places you in the loop. 

    Decide eWood®
    By choosing eWood®, you are not only diverting waste from landfill, you are taking sustainability to an advanced level.
    eWood® is simply better for you and better for the environment.