warrantyeWood Solutions warrants that eWood®:

  • will not fail structurally for a minimum of 20 years if used according to our installation guidelines.

  • is inert, and therefore will not cause contamination to soil or crop for 20 years from date of purchase.

eWood® can be used for a wide range of applications and because it can be created to any dimension and tailored to suit your project needs, the possibilities are endless.

eWood® Technical Data Sheet

Test Result Method/Standard
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.0472 ASTM D792 - Method A
Tensile Strength (MPa) 12.3 ASTM D638
Elongation at Break (%) 0.72 ASTM D638
Flexural Strength (MPa) 29.5 ASTM D790 – Method 1
Flexural Modulus (MPa) 1502 ASTM D790 – Method 1
Flammability Pass UL94-HB
Leachate Solid Inert Waste AS4439.3 – (EPA Publication 448)
Outgassing Negligible* Method 8260B
Water Absorption Nil ASTM D570
*No significant hazardous or noxious compounds are evolved / leached from eWood® during storage or use