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    eWood® is an innovative Australian company with a core focus of ‘closing the plastics loop’.

    ‘Closing the plastics loop’ is all about minimising the environmental footprint of government, industry and individuals through processing waste, that would otherwise end up in landfill, into a functional and sustainable product which is produced from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

    eWood® can be used to replace timber, concrete, steel, brick, fibreglass and other virgin plastics in many applications. It can be made to any dimension and assembles with ease.

    eWood® can add further value to your project by often performing better than the alternatives and saving you money. 


    eWood® has received several awards including a United Nations Environment Award, winner of an episode of the ABC’s New Inventors program and a Hume City Council Sustainability Award. 


    With a passion for all things environmental, the eWood® team has brought a range of expertise together to deliver a product that is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable but functional, economical and attractive in appearance.

    Importantly, eWood SolutionsTM controls the entire process of turning waste into eWood®. Handling everything from sourcing waste streams, all the way through to processing the waste and manufacturing new, practical products.