eWood has been manufactured to be a truly versatile garden product.


eWood Raised Garden bed KitIf you opt for the "KIT" version of eWood you will enjoy the ease of assembly and flexibility of choice.


With eWood being manufactured in 4 standard KIT lengths: 1.2m, 1.0m, 0.6m & 0.3m one can mix and match these lengths to create many sizes and shapes.



eWood Joiner Kit

eWood also provides a handy "JOINER KIT" that provides an easy way for you to join 2 lengths of eWood to create longer sides.





raised garden bed



Add to this the easy stacking of eWood and you will quickly recognise that eWood is a true "modular" system that can grow as your garden grows.



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If you require a custom made solution then have a look at the eWood DIY Planks. They offer complete flexibility and can be used to build raised garden beds or retaining walls.