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    Using eWood 50mm DIY Planks with steel post systems similar to Retain-iT Post system it is a very easy to make your own Raised Garden Bed.

    The only pre-requisite is that the such steel post systems need to be dug into the ground, so this solution will not work on concrete or ground that cannot be dug up. If this is your situation, we recommend eWood Raised garden Bed Kits.

    eWood 50mm DIY Planks and Sleepers are available in standard 2.4m lengths and weigh up to 25kg.

    Working with these planks is similar to working with wood. They are easy to saw to your required lengths using a circular saw or even a sharp, quality hand saw.

    Steel post systems are available in 3 popular configurations;

    1. Corner Posts
    2. Joiners
    3. Ends
    Using these it is possible to create Garden Beds up to 60cm high.

    The advantage to using steel post sytems similar to Retain-iT is that apart from cutting your eWood to length there is no additional work making and joining your corners.
    For more information watch the videos below or contact us.