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    eWood Raised Garden Bed Kits make easy work of creating a Raised Garden Bed. The eWood planks and threaded corner posts are pre-drilled and supplied with stainless steel screws.

    Joiner Kits, as the name suggests, enable you to join eWood Raised Garden Bed Kits together in order to create longer and continuous length Raised Garden Beds.

    An eWood Raised Garden Bed Kit can be assembled in approximately 10 minutes.

    eWood Raised Garden Beds are available in a range of sizes starting at 300mm up to 1.2m, suitable for every gardening project.

    Joiner Kits allow you to create a custom length Raised Garden Bed to suit your needs

    eWood Raised Garden Beds are modular and can be easily stacked.  You can still stack Raised Garden Bed Kits that include Joiner Kits.

    At 200mm in height ewood garden beds are perfect for most garden projects.
    The solid 25mm thick eWood walls will not warp or buckle and can be stacked easily up to 800mm in height.


    eWood is the perfect solution for your garden:

    Not only is eWood made from 95% recycled materials but it is also made right here in Australia. eWood is also 100% recyclable and has clear benefits over wood, manufactured plastics, composite and metal.

    eWood will NOT rot.
    eWood will NOT warp, splinter, rust or deteriorate over time.
    eWood will NOT leach any harmful chemicals into your soil.
    eWood is GUARANTEED for 20 YEARS


    eWood® Raised Garden Bed Kits Include:

    garden bed

    4 x Pre-Drilled ewood® Planks
    4 x Pre-Drilled tapped, attached eWood® Corner Posts
    16 x Stainless Steel Phillips Head Screws
    16 x Zinc Coated Housings

    Assembly Instructions




    eWood Raised Garden Bed kits can be easily stacked.

    stacking garden beds


    Even when mixing sizes eWood easily "clicks" together. 

    Click here for more information on stacking eWood raised garden beds.


    Garden Safe:

    ewood safeeWood has been extensively tested as have the soils that eWood has been used next to over a period of 5 years. The testing resulted in a clean bill of health with results showing no signs of leaching or emissions. For more detailed information click here.

    Product Attributes:

    • Length:       Various
    • Width:         Various
    • Height:        20cm
    • Thickness:  25mm
    • Material:     eWood®
    • Colour:       Charcoal