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    eWood® sandpits are perfect for creating a kidsafe environment - free from chemical treatments, splinters and sharp edges. ewood is used extensively for making playgrounds and community areas and is safe for household use.

    ewood® Sandpits are easy to assemble, they come pre drilled with stainless steel allen screws and zinc coated housings.

    ewood® Raised Sand Pit Kit Includes:

    Pre-Drilled ewood® Planks
    Pre-Drilled ewood® Corner Posts
    Stainless Steel Allen Screws and Zinc Coated Housings

    ewood can be easily stacked to create deeper sandpits. 

    Product Attributes:

    • Length:       1.2m
    • Width:         1.2m
    • Height:        20cm
    • Thickness:  25mm
    • Material:     eWood®
    • Colour:       Charcoal