Irrigatia Irrigation

I came across a cool concept today from a company called Irrigatia.(

On first look I could see it was a solar powered pump, which is what we were looking for, but on further investigation I came across a concept that we will certainly integrate into the eWood Raised Garden Bed Kits.

What I found was a combination of ideas that we are all familiar with:

  • Water Tank
  • Solar Powered Pumps
  • Irrigation
This unique idea bought all three together in a fantastic system.
The water tank lies under the raised garden bed and the solar pump draws the water up to the surface for irrigation. The tank is filled from the water that filters down through the soil (nutrient rich) or from an inlet connected to a water source (water tank, downpipe etc.)
It's such a great idea and makes so much sense for our pending drought period in Australia.
Here are some diagrams that explain the concept better.
I'm a big fan of wicking gardens and of solar pumps running my irrigation. This however takes everything to another level of simplicity.
The eWood Raised Garden Kit would have to be 60cm high to incorporate this system. We'll look into adding this to the range soon once we have tested the Irrigatia system.
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September 29, 2012 by Colin Barker
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