Square Foot Gardening in Australia

Been looking to start your own square foot garden? It's a great concept that is extremely popular in the US.

Apart from the fact that the whole system is based on imperial measurements, it's really easy to do and work with.

Luckily there is now an Australian manufacturer supplying the perfect sized raised garden beds to the Australia marketplace for square foot gardening. eWood.

1.2m x 1.2m Raised garden beds are the metric equivalent of 4ft x 4ft raised garden beds (give or take a tiny bit). one foot square translates to 300mm square. Use this conversion on all the square foot gardening instructions and you will be fine.

The square foot garden rule book states that you only need a height of 15cm to grow veggies, then if you need to grow root vegetables, just add a frame to that area and build the soil up to 30cm.(saving you the cost of filling a whole bed to that height).

eWood have recognised that a more popular garden bed height is 20cm high, so their base model (single tier) is 20cm high. If you want to plant root vegetables then you can then just buy a 300mm x 300mm box to raise the level of soil upwards.

square foot gardening australia

October 04, 2012 by Colin Barker
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